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Our Brands

Dil Punjabi

At Dil Punjabi, we are dedicated to bringing the authentic flavors of Punjab to your plate. Our dishes are made using traditional recipes, straight from the heart of Punjab. And just like your grandma’s recipe, our food is filled with love and loads of makhan (butter).


At Aahar, we are bringing the flavors of the southern belt of India to your breakfast and mealtime. Our menu features a wide range of dishes, from traditional idlis and vadas to crispy dosas and much more.

The Chaat Cult

At The Chaat Cult, we are bringing the diverse and delicious world of chaats and snacks from all corners of India to your plate. Our menu features a wide range of chaats and snacks, from tangy pani puris and spicy bhel puris to crispy sev puris and much more.

House of Andhra

At House of Andhra, we serve spicy and flavourful dishes from different regions of Andhra Pradesh. Our menu features a wide range of dishes, including options from Telangana, Hyderabad, and Rayalaseema.

Bihari Bowl

At Bihari Bowl, we serve a wide range of dishes from Bihar, including both classic comfort foods and authentic traditional recipes from Champaran and Awadh.Litti chokha in our menu is a total people pleaser and definitely worth trying.

Bhole ke Chole

Bhole Ke Chole serves street food classics with an innovative twist- try their signature chole bhature!

Khichdi Bar

Khichdi Bar, where tradition gets a quirky twist! ‘Now Pouring Your Favorite Khichdis’ in ways you’d never imagine. Steeped in authenticity yet brimming with creativity, we serve up a gastronomic adventure that redefines comfort food. Experience our unique blends, each telling a story of India’s rich culinary heritage, remixed for the contemporary palate.